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Default [Silly SURVEY] What Type of Game Enthusiast Are You?


and I play everyday on PC for 2-4 hours (which is A LOT), don't really have much of a gaming budged since I save a lot of money on GOG during sales, sometimes I watch playthroughs (to witness others fail, like DSP or Marz) and reviews (just for the laughts because of how bad they are) and check forums (this one) on a daily basis,

BUUUUUUUT there's a long list of things I don't do, like:

- touch my console at least once a month,
- play on mobile,
- waste money spent on hardware (no **** sherlock, PC is about scalability)
- flush money on in-game purchases or microtransactions
- pulverize my hard-earned cash on twitch streamers or esports
- play PVP online gaming

... and the result I got was Popcorn Gamer

Doesn't matter how many games I own, what kind of games I like, what kind of challenge I enjoy and how good I am in specific games, my knowledge of certain aspects of the medium

Post your results, this could be fun
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Apparently I'm an Ultimate Gamer. I reckon most of the questions were quite irrelevant and it's mostly because I play daily and regularly watch game-related content.
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I got the ‘All-round enthusiast’ rating. Most likely due to my obsession with watching let’s plays on YouTube. I don’t have a gaming rig, and am purely a console gamer, who tends to only play on weekends.

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I got All-Round Enthusiast. I play sometimes, watch sometimes. I'm not always able to partake in my hobbie, especially now.
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Cloud Gamer. I care deeply about playing and watching immersive high-quality videogames but spend very little money on hardware, only caring about the software. I actually agree with the result
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I got Cloud Gamer, which I think I can agree with the description.
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