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Yuna´s Wish
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My top 3 were:
1- Temple Ruins
2- Crash Site
3- Nevada

And the bottom 3:
18- Temple of Puna
19- Caves of Kaliya
20- City

The rest is a blur But Area 51, High Security Compound and Coastal Village are among the better half, while The RX-Tech Mines, Lud's Gate and Thames Wharf are among the other half.
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Originally Posted by Moon-Safari View Post
Okay so it wasn't just me. TR3 was my first tomb raider and I remember being hypnotized looking off into the distance under those skies. TR3 and TR5 have the best skylines and skyscapes. The sky in India and the cities in London, also the towns in Rome in TR5. Wow.
I like the colours they intended to do with the skies of TR5 but... They were so badly done unfortunately, because of the weird and ugly horizon.
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I've just made a bunch of 4K desktop wallpapers from every level in TR3!
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They posted the crossword puzzle for TR3.

These are my answers:
1. Meteorite
2. Monkey
3. Infada
4. No idea (saw on twitter the answer, Orcas)
5. Nevada
6. Quad
7. Cobra
8. Puna
9. Ganesha
10. No idea (saw on twitter the answer, Mauki. Had to google to see what Mauki even is xD)
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If you want to add Spoiler tags, you can. [Spoiler] Spoiler here [/ Spoiler], without the spaces.

Like this
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Today I attempted to cross the swamp in Coastal Village instead of Crash Site and I got to the fourth stepping stone before the rest hadn't been programmed to be stable lol... worth a shot though
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Nevada all the way! I've come to realize I love lab/base levels a lot.
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It's funny how I prefer TR III over TR II and struggled a lot during this month's crossword puzzle. The TR I and II ones were a piece of cake, TR III's on the other hand...
I guess I need to redo my homework and play TR III in its entirety again.

May marks my favourite TR game and if I fail that crossword puzzle like I did with this one I will resign my TR membership.
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Smile Tomb Raider III Yes!

I love Tomb Raider III! I am playing it for the second time and am enjoying the puzzles. I love the old graphics, and the game looks good on my wide computer monitor. I want this game remade, and I'm looking forward to the newer graphics and gameplay. The dinosaurs, Dr. Williard, the raptors, all of the bosses included! They could keep the ring style as they did for TRA. The desert eagle and the shotgun are must keeps. This game is a classic and deserves to be brought back into the spotlight! Long live Tomb Raider!
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I've been replaying TR3 this month for the first time in at least a decade and a half. And I gotta say, I'm loving it! (Except Lud's Gate, oh..the dread...)

I think this game is so very well balanced in themes, difficulties, story telling... it's easily one of the best in the franchise. And a big plus: the outfits are great!

I'm so glad TR3 month made me go back to this one <3
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