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playing through the game right now and it's actually a lot of fun and really well made. it's not perfect but it's got a much clearer indentity than rise/shadow do + gameplay wise there's a lot to explore, nice multi-room spanning puzzles and the environments look beautiful. also appreciate the freedom (although really limited) in moving between planets and the maze-like structure of the levels. the combat is super fun too lol and it's kinda beating my ass on hard difficulty.

cal is also a very charming protagonist wouldnt mind if he decided to marry me

Originally Posted by JayB18 View Post
It is similar to the reboot games in structure but with a much bigger emphasis on exploration and platforming albeit still automatic but they do some interesting things with it at times. Level design is gated until you unlock abilities similar to the reboot but the levels themselves are more interconnected and maze like than big open areas. Tombs are also a major part of the story taking about an hour or so each to fully explore and they have multiple puzzles and hidden areas to explore.
basically all of this
working on AoD 2D for the culture
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