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Default Lara Croft Character Design

I didn't see a general discussion thread but anyway I doing my own research on TR and a lot of things stand out to me. What would I call the type of glove Lara wears? I get that they are leather and fingerless. But with the hole in the middle? What do they call that?
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I don't think there's a name for it. They're just fingerless leather gloves in process black with an air circulation hole.
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Tomb Raider
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Biker gloves.
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It's not just a hole, I think they were going for a design that's like below but had limitations when it came to textures.

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Yeah that can totally make sense. I was watching TR1 cutscenes. The opening cutscene is so mysterious. I see one instance where there is no hole on the gloves in the opening then all of a sudden they changed it. I wonder why they do stuff like that? But is that really a texture limitation. I can believe that it is surely.

Like TR2 disk portrait, she doesn't have any holes in the gloves I think all of the game portraits it doesn't show. But all her ingame models show it. Idk I know it's small but I like to look at these types of things.
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I don't imagine those are the kind of gloves a climber would wear.

Or rather someone who is braving the harsh elements in the opening.
But that part doesn't bother me as much because it needed to be clear that it was a female and appropriate clothing, realistic proportions and 1996 graphics would have made that very hard to pull off.

Seems it was a worthwhile sacrifice as i've heard many female TR fans all tell the same "hey is that a girl?" story about how they discovered Tomb Raider.
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I've always said I'll know Tomb Raider is back on the right track when they finally give her round holes in her gloves again.
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