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View Poll Results: What is your favorite version of the Tactical Adventurer outfit?
Tactical Adventurer (Default) 42 29.79%
Tactical Adventurer (Black) 20 14.18%
Tactical Adventurer (Classic) 79 56.03%
Voters: 141. You may not vote on this poll

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Default What is your favorite version of the Tactical Adventurer outfit?

Poll requested by Athukraz.
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Breaking a bit my TRF commenting hiatus to say this:


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Even though I like the classic and its a really nice colour and throwback, I still prefer the original, followed by the first recolor
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Thanks for the poll!

My favorite is the classic. I didn't like it at first in the gear up guide but actually playing dlc7 with it made me fall in love with it and replayed the game with it. Sadly I wasn't patient enough to wait for the removal of the outfit restriction. Putting it back on after Paititi was like a breath of fresh air. Too many DLCs take place there it felt like forever!
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Lyle Croft
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Original: Idk, it "suits" Survivor Lara...she's not someone who's exciting and fun. She's more...tame? It's somewat reminiscnet of the classic trademark outfit.

Classic: I like how it pops! Though I don't think it particularly "suits" Survivor Lara at times. I think if she got rid of her hair (the awful fringe, and got a forehead) and had a tighter fit of pants and all it would look even better.

Black: It's sleek, but i don't use it that often.
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I want to say the classic one,but I don't care for the lighter colored parts of the shirt,though I love it from the waist down. Besides the regular one was "Classic" enough for me from the start.
No comment on the black it reminds me of the one of those waste of space recolors/outfits on Legend and Underworld I never wore.

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I switched between them all throughout my playthrough. As much as I want to say "classic," I think the default version fits the color palette of the game the best. The "black" version's blue is just a bit too vibrant.
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This is a hard choice to make. I love them all, so I can't vote right now.

EDIT: I went with the black one. I like the default one just fine, but the black one is very visually striking. While I have huge love for the classic version and wear it as frequently as I can (and you can bet I wear it at every opportunity!), the pants looking like socks on the bottom doesn't really do it for me.
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I love the classic version and how the colors pop, and Id almost choose that, but the original is still my favorite.

The only thing Id change about the original is having brown pants instead of the green-ish ones.
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Patrick star
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The default version .

Honestly , I think it looks better . Plus , aside from the red shoelaces the "classic" version in terms of colors looks more like Legend's version of the classic outfit than the actual classic outfit particularly that of the original trilogy , which had a grey-ish tone to its pale-blueness , and that -ironically- is the color of the default Shadow top .
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