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Sir Launcelot
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Default What were you doing when you heard about the 9/11 attacks?

20 years ago, horror was unleashed on New York City as mad terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center. What were you doing when you first heard about the attacks?

I remember I was getting something to eat, and noticed the answering machine was flashing. It was a message from my mother, telling me to turn on the TV, right now. So I did and spent the next few hours watching in disbelief.
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I was 6 years old, playing with wooden blocks as I sat on the floor in front of the TV.
My dad was in the kitchen and my mom was sitting on the couch behind me.
I remember them talking in absolute shock. And very loudly (Dad saw the TV from kitchen so he was watching too).
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I was in 3rd grade class when it happened. I remember we didn't have much of a lesson. They just said something happened and we all had to go home. All of us was asking questions, but they said ask your parents they will know. I thought my mom wouldn't know because my family wasn't involved much with the school. I figured it may have been a holiday or something, When I got home mom was watching the TV and she gave me a hug. I had no idea what was going on. When I saw the planes crash I figured something bad happened and that's when my family said what happened as we were watching the news.

It was a weird day for me.
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I was home at the very end of summer vacation before school started. I was 9 years old. I remember waking up to the news on the TV. It feels like it was yesterday. So horrible
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I was 7 when it happened, my memory of the day isn't very clear but I must've still been at school. My only memory was watching the news on TV after I came home, but I don't think I really processed what was happening at the age I was.

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I was also 7. From what I remember we weren't explicitly told what had happened, I just remember sensing that the teachers were in a panic about something, like you could feel in the air that something really awful was going on.

Then after school I went over to my classmate's house (her mother child-minded me because my parents worked full time and couldn't pick me up from school) and we saw it on the news. We were like 10 kids in this girl's living room just watching it in silence, confused and shocked, that's the thing I remember most is how we were then.

I will say, it's only after it happened I remember having a weird fear of tall buildings, which I still have to this day, I really hate being around skyscrapers, even on the ground I cannot bear to be near them.

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I remember not hearing about it during school time but once I got home, from my uncle.
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I was 5 hours ahead, getting home from school about 4 which would have made it about an hour into the start of the attacks.
It was on the TV as I walked in.

Took me a few hours to appreciate how serious and unprecedented it was and how things like that weren't supposed to happen in a place like New York.
What felt like a nice steadily progressing, reasonably peaceful time ended that day.
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I will never forget this day. I was 11 years and a 6th grader at the time. It was only my second week of middle school. When the first plane attacked, I remember the principal made an announcement over the intercom about the events and we had to remain in our current classes. I was in Social Studies class at the time. I remember hearing the news about the Pentagon crash and my heart dropped to my stomach since that was near where my parents worked. Everything about this day feels surreal.
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I was at home. I can't remember why I switched the tv on, but needless to say, the news was covering the incident live, and I watched as the second plane hit. It was so surreal yet frightening seeing it happen so far away, yet feeling the horror and sadness of the loss of life happening as the world watched on.
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