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I would love for everyone to experience the magic of the OG Tomb Raider 1996 but if it’s someone very unfamiliar with games, especially older games then I would probably suggest Legend and/or Anniversary as I think the controls of the Classics might just bewilder a newcomer. Legend and Anniversary are slick, well-made and accessible but still have enough of the spirit of Tomb Raider.
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If they are familiar/comfortable with tank controls then TR1 or TR4

But I think there are some people who would be so irritated by the old controls that they'd be put off entirely. And in that case I would probably suggest they play 2013
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Legend since that's where most people I know in real life got into the series
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AOD is not a bad start, it introduced me to the series back in 2004
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Shadow, TR1 or Anniversary.

They are all user friendly and very true to what a Tomb Raider game should be.
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Sir Launcelot
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Legend, my first game, and easy to play, and IMO the best game in the series still.
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Probably Legend. Then the rest of LAU trilogy, moving then to TR1 to TR6.
However if they are a very modern gamer, TReboot trilogy, then LAU and then TR1-TR6.
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TR2, Legend, 2013.
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Depends on what that person likes. I see no reason why they shouldn't start with the classics, but I also see no reason why they shouldn't start with LAU or Reboot.
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Back in 2014 when I first got into TR the obvious answer would have been Anniversary , since it's the most modern-ish TR game that forces players to just raid tombs and new players won't find themselves fighting against the game, if that makes sense.

But now.... things have changed a lot and the next Tomb Raider might turn out
to be completely different so I'd go with TR2013 , since it's the self proclaimed origins story and also because it's just a (mostly unintentional) fun ride.
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