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Default Tomb Engine Resources


This thread will be dedicated to only posting links to different resources for TEN so that they are in one place (because they were all over the place and people are not aware of them).

Additionally, a list of assets that should be fixed - which is crucial because they are asset issues which should be fixed on user side.

So let's start

Tomb Engine Github Repository

This is the "heart" of Tomb Engine as this contains the full source code for this engine. Anyone is welcome to contribute to it, there is also a readme section to read if you would like to contribute whether it is the testing or programming side.


Tomb Engine website


A new website to store general resources. We also have social medias: go to right top corner and choose the relevant platform, currently we have:

- Instagram
- Facebook
- Twitter

Note: We will still try to update certain threads. For example I shall of course update my Node editor and small lua tutorials to both TRF and the tombengine.com website, it is up to others to update on TRF or not.

TEN organization github repository

Stranger1992, Adngel, Lwmte and I have created an organizationgithub account for TEN where all of relevant TEN repositories will go:


Tomb Engine updates

This thread of course was made when Tomb Editor was receiving updates however this is also used for Tomb Engine updates, so it is worth checking regularly for new updates.

or alternatively:

Stranger1992 OCB list

this is the OCB list which is also updated as the development progresses. Valid only for TEN (for TRNG or any other version it will not work)


or alternatively you can check here (note it may be not up to date):


Stranger1992's test levels

this github repository features TR4 levels ported into TEN, unfortunately it is not the whole TR4, just a selection of TR4 levels.


Lua TEN documentation

A very important Documentation if you want to write Lua scripts, it contains all the functions you can do in TEN. It is updated as the new TEN versions come out:


thanks to Lwmte for hosting it.

Lua: Lua basics tutorial

This is a basic Lua tutorial that was made by me and fixed also by other users. This tutorial is intended to show you how to do basic programming stuff if you want to do written Lua for complex gameplay, effects etc for TEN


Lua Workshop thread

This thread is used for small Lua tutorials for TEN, it also contains how to set up a level with a new workflow (which may be out of date as these tutorials were written for 1.0.2 but mine should still be up to date)


Node Editor tutorial


Creating your own nodes

this is the source for all of the nodes written for Tomb Engine in TE:


If you would like to contribute to creating new nodes then:
1. create an account on Github and install github desktop.
2. Go to Tomb Editor github repository and click "code" then "open with github repository"
3. It will launch GH desktop and prompt for some stuff (like where to save source code etc) so do that.
4. go to "Tomb-Editor/TombLib/TombLib/Catalogs/TEN Node Catalogs/" and there you can start editing or adding.
5. if you think your additions are good and would like to have them in the main branch called "master", you can create a separate branch branching from main repository "master" (on GH desktop Branch -> new branch) then Branch -> Create pull request and follow instructions there.

Tomb Engine threads

Threads for TEN discussions:

Bug reporting

Bugs in TEN are still present and it is important to report them. We have a thread for this


or a much better alternative is to create a GitHub account and report bugs straight to the Tomb Engine repo



Thanks to Die Basis, illyaine and l.m, they have created lots of tutorials for TEN whether it is scripting or basic set ups:


Note: It is in German so you would need to translate it via google translate or any translator you wish.
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Resources for building levels in TEN

Asset fixes

Here's Adngel's github repo to store fixed enemies for TEN:

This will be updated often so please check


Fixed the death state of animation 4, setting state from 0 to 4 to avoid it getting frozen on death.:

TR1 Big Rat

Minimal required version: TEN 1.0.6
Combined the animations of Land and Water rats, applied the new states.
added sounds manually to the water animations for this object version.

Puna and Lizard

TEN 1.0.6
Provided special effects for shield and death explossion.

Sophia Leigh

TEN 1.0.7
Provided special effects for shield and death explossion.
Provided edited ENERGY_BUBBLES which includes proyectiles for Sophia

- 0: Classic enemy behaviour
- 1: Tower mode. (TR3 behaviour)
- 2: Tower mode with lua

TR4 Jackals

Fixed the animation 10 to be able to manage State 12, allowing it to return animation 23.


- 0: Normal behaviour
- 1: Jackals start laying down like statues, enable by trigger for them "wake up"

Lua Modules

Adngel has kindly created some helper function to help you manage some moveables easily without having to create yourself, for example with maths.

For now, you will find useful functions for electric cleaner:



Stranger1992 made some really cool fonts resembling some TR games such as: AOD

font files and instructions you will find them here:
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