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I didn't dislike it perse but I found it an odd evolution. I liked his Underworld design even though he looked really different.
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I quite like Winston in the Legend trilogy. He's not interactive obviously, which is odd in a sense as even Zip and Alister talk to Lara in the Manor. I guess they were aiming for a more traditional, formal butler design rather than the comic relief caricature that Core Winston was.
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Yes. LA Winston > Classic Winston

But Underworld Winston (and all other Underworld redesigns) is (are).... unsatisfying. And I’m being kind about it... All the characters in Underworld in total can’t even hold a candle to Chronicles Winston in terms of design.
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TR Legend was actually my first exposure to Winston as a kid. Tbh I never really gave him much thought in general. His Underworld design seems more accurate to his TR 1-5 design though.
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To me, Winston is at his best in Chronicles, showing to be a close family friend of Lara, doing more than his duties worth as a butler, even after her presumed death while in the modern game, he just acts like a parent to a child and it doesn't suit him well at all in my opinion.

Even though he doesn't say near as much during TR3-TRC, he has so much more personality and character, which provided us with plenty of comedic moments and a much more serious approach during later games, while modern Winston kind of just stands there souless.
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