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If it isn't chipped or you don't have a boot disc then yes.

Good luck with that.

This does not apply to TR but even with a boot disc import games which came on more than one disc were/are a nightmare to deal with when they do not save at the swap point.

NTSC only Parasite Eve is a good example.

No save point just -swap to disc 2 message. If you swap the disc it checks the region and rejects it but if you run the boot disc (PS-XChange2) in full it apparently overwrites the game's swap point. So you have to use the PS-XChange2 as a hot-swap disc - catching it and swapping to PE disc 2 after it does the region check but before it completes.

Took me half a dozen goes to get it to work and that meant replaying the game from the previous save to the swap point each time.

No wonder PAL users playing imports always preferred to use chips or imported genuine NTSC PS consoles. There are now the PS emulator options on PC which does away with most problems, even accommodating multi-disc PS games too.
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