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I don't see how a crafting system would have worked with AoD. It worked fine with Last Revelation and Chronicles though.
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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
i wasn't really dragging it, just pointing something out. everything ppl hate about modern TR started with AoD.

1. bigger, more in-depth plot featuring multiple important NPCs (not just lara, jean-yves, and werner in TR:TLR)
2. no usable dual pistols (through oversight or not, you can't use them)
3. focus on stealth
4. nonviolent hubs (prague's 5 enemies barely count lmao)
5. lack of difficult puzzles (i think the hardest puzzle is the box puzzle in the strahov)
6. lara talks more, and talks to herself incessantly
7. lara has best friends she needs to protect
8. side quests (st. aicard's church, for one)

AoD wanted to be exactly like SotTR tbh. open-ish world, tons of people, gathering information, shops, return to a hub multiple times, side quests, crafting system... the only thing modern TR still hasn't done that AoD wanted to do is huge story branches and player-adaptive lara. (and in a way, we kind of have that last one, with the skill system)

for me, this isn't a detriment--i love the reboot, it's how i got into TR. (i do prefer classic lara but i don't wish for reboot lara to get a brain transplant and become her) and i like a lot of ideas AoD tried to do (except k*rtis tr*nt, but that's mainly his crazed fans) but it's a fact that AoD aspired to be everything SotTR is.
okay i agree 100%

Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
I'm gonna have to agree with this. AoD was ahead of its time and the lack of knowledge of new technologies prevented it to reach its full potential.
and this.
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Added key artwork and 4k screenshots to OP.
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Originally Posted by tlr online View Post
Added key artwork and 4k screenshots to OP.
Thanks, Justin!
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Originally Posted by tlr online View Post
Added key artwork and 4k screenshots to OP.
Ooh, sexy.
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