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Default Underworld cheap on Xbox!

This is more for a heads up than a topic to be fair.
Just seen that Underworld is £1.49 on the Xbox store in the UK. Legend and Anniversary are both £14.99 each so i think someone has made a mistake.
Grab it while its cheap.

EDIT: It’s not an error on Xbox’s part it seems to be part of a massive Backwards compatibility sale.
Still a curious price point though at £1.49 (the cheapest game in the sale I think) as the DLC is still £6.75 each.

I won't be playing it for a while yet as my series play through has really only just begun as I'm a fair way into Tomb Raider 1 and loving it. I'll be doing a full story of my time with the game when I've finished it.

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This should be considered by those who lost their physical copies and would like to play the game again and those who haven't played it yet.

The best part is that you can play it on Xbox One!
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Thanks for the heads up, I'll buy it when I get home I do have the disc already but saves having to put it in every time.
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It's not a mistake because it's on sale this week.

I already bought it because it was already on sale for that price 3 weeks ago along with Legend and Anniversary.
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