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This game can't count I expect, although when I lived in Canada, these types of games cost $1-a-play. How many go's will you actually have? 1 perhaps more. If it is crap, you lost your $1. You accidently press a wrong button, and it cuts back from the interactive page, you pay again.

Why would you even need to add the Tomb Raider name to this title? Can't people just come up with their own Ip's anymore. The franchise becomes known for being mediocre and being everywhere. Not a great rep to pull in new customers to that next expensive AAA title.

PS. Well, it may surprise you Moon-Safari, that Mario actually has many more incarnations than Lara, but she is catching up. Mario is much older though, he was around before LCD displays even existed!! He was just a 2D-sprite.

Even before it was called a 'Mario' game, Donkey Kong saw 'Jumpman' first appear, in 1981. 15 years before Lara. His goal then was 'to rescue the princess' much of which remains true 25 years later. 281 million sales so far, thats a big total reach, even for Lara.

Love how it is AoD Lara again. Perhaps it is the conclusion to AoD us fans have been waiting for?

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This sort of thing was on sky gamestar a few years back...nothing groundbreaking but it looks ok
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Ward Dragon
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I have no idea what this thing is, but it looks like an old arcade game. In fact, it looks just like the few bits of the original Prince of Persia that I have seen (the 2D one). The iDVD I could sort of understand, but this is too much for me.
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Let's see......we've had Tomb Raider the interactive DVD, Tomb Raider the board game...and now Tomb Raider the 2D Tedious Let's-Turn-The-Clock-Back-Ten-Years-And-Dumb-The-Whole-Franchise-Down.

It might work, but it won't for me.
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man some peeps are so negative hehe

I think it looks kinda iffy... would have to try it before making a final choice on it though
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Thank you so much Justin!
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Zelda master
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yeah more AOD characters
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and for AoD Lara, ... long live Angel of Darkness
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Originally Posted by Lenochka
man some peeps are so negative hehe
Tell me about it
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I have gotten much more Eidos-tolerant in the past months, but this...Those ****ing ****s are ****ing turning our ****ing amazing franchine into a ****ing bureaucratic ****ing factory that is ****ing putting out these ****ing games so fast and so ****ing idiotically...my ****ing grammar cannot ****ing express how ****ing mad at those ****ing ****s at Eidos who just run this beautiful (once ****ing beautiful, now just good ****ing graphics, but with this ****ing television game the graphics are ****ing sub-crap) ****ing franchise by the ****ing numbers that ****ing say that we, the ****ing FANS, are so ****ing happy with Tomb ****ing Raider that we ****ing want even ****ing more badly-made ****! We ****ing don't! Are you ****ing retarded Eidos? No! You commision good ****ing games, I've played some. ****ing take for a ****ing example: Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, 3, 4, you do that ****ing great GameShadow ****ing service, and you ****ing published Just Cause! But with the ****ing future of Tomb ****ing Raider, you idiotic ****s are ****ing yourselves (to scantily clad ripped dress Lara) into the ground!
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