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Zelda master
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The entire soundtrack was really well done, the theme was really something on another level and I really feel like the series peaked there with Peter Connelly doing the music. Such a shame it all went down soundtrack wise...
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Jorje Croft
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It would be amazing if Peter was back for next TR. score makes gameplay 30% better, if its done properly .
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Wonderful video, Kapu

I was always so struck with feelings and nostalgia when AoD's theme played, it's such a rollercoaster of emotions such as empowered, humbled and beautiful sadness the whole way through!

It's really cool how that little flute flourish was from TR2+3, I always assumed it was from the original theme! Same with TR4's opening.. I never realized just how much of a love letter AoD's theme was to the past classics.

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@Zelda master: It's all a matter of taste, of course, but personally I think some really wonderful music has come out of the TR series since Peter left. Wilbert Roget's soundtrack to LC:ToO being one. The tracks are more than just arbitrary background sound; the music has something to tell you, in the same way that Peter's compositions do.

@Jorje Croft: A big part of my love for AOD is the dark mood and heavy atmosphere. Peter's soundtrack makes the perfect compliment, it really does enhance the overall game.

HarleyCroft: I feel exactly the same way about the main theme. It's powerful, beautiful, and somber all at the same time. A masterpiece!

The flute flourish at the end of the AOD theme actually forms the predominant melody of the TR3 theme. Go give it another listen!
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Wonderfull video, and yes your voice is amazing! It feels like hearing a professional documentary!
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Originally Posted by Zreen001 View Post
1:47 that sounds oddly awesome with the trumpets...
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The Great Chi
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What makes the atmosphere in Tomb Raider classic games is the music, and AOD has some of the best tracks, especially the orchestrial music that gives it that big band feel.

Always knew it was built on the earlier games, as recognized some of the scores, which were expanded on, in AOD.

Your video has a good analysis of the music. Well done
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Yes!! At 3:07 (in your video), I am always reminded of the TR3 theme. I believe it is an english horn (I play the Oboe, and know that the ehorn is lower in the oboe family). Great job
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The bit from 3:22 also resembles the bass line from 1:36 bit of the TR3 theme:

So it is not only the melody in the flute which is common with the TR2/TR3 melody, but the bass line makes an appearance too (though it doesn't begin on the same note; it begins on the tonic in the AOD theme, the dominant in the TR3 theme).

Also, Darth Vader chords at 0:19.

Cool video by the way.
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