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Obviously they just threw whatever they liked into the mix.

I'm kinda sad to hear that the E3 demo was a mashup, I thought it was a early version of the level before being split into more.
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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Initially I thought that Tomb of Ancients refers to Brother Obscura, who was killed and buried in the tomb. It is his ghost we fight in the final game. But that's only one ancient guy, where's the rest? Who's the rest?

According to early level outlines the entire tomb was catacombs with ossuaries. The main shaft was also ossuary as far as I recall. So maybe "tomb of ancients" refers to all the people buried there, even those who don't have graves but work as decoration.
Maybe others are behind the doors on both sides of the broken bridge. There are also some more doors at the bottom of the level, which Lara does not open. And there are even more such doors in The Hall of Seasons too. For example, at the end of the level after Lara goes out of the room with Brother Obscura downstairs there is a door in front but instead she does not open it and swims up to Tomb Of Ancients.
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The E3 demo looked so nice, it's such a shame the majority of it was slashed.

I personally would've loved to see Tomb Of Ancients expanded slightly, however if it's how Core intended it to be I suppose that's fair.
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The E3 demo seemed to have much more exciting gameplay. Through different screenshots and videos you can see the water level changes, so it probably means your actions would change how much the tomb was flooded. I would absolutely adore such idea in the final version.
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Would the skeletons count as "ancients?"
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Originally Posted by JoelCaesar View Post
Would the skeletons count as "ancients?"
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