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If it helps, in the French version it has been translated as "I (have?) tracked down all the Lux Veritatis" ("J'ai traqué tous les Lux Veritatis"). So he was probably not only referring to Kurtis.
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It does help a lot, thank you Seems like Caesum was right!
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Originally Posted by tenthavenue View Post
Okay so I was watching AOD cutscenes again (it's been 15 years and I'm still watching them, yes )

And in the cutscene where Kurtis comes back to the airlock to let Lara out, he says "Two of them were entrusted to my father. Eckhardt murdered him to stop them passing into my hands. He failed." about the shards.

Didn't Eckhardt kill the LV members because of the war/revenge on what they did to him/they could kill him? Why would he kill Konstantin to stop the shards from passing into Kurtis' hands when he wasn't involved in the fight at all?

Plus, there's also this part;

K: That Paintings must be destroyed and to do that I need the Shard you picked up at the Louvre.

... (Lara throws her shard to Kurtis somewhere between their convo)

L: We can divide the forces against us if we split up. You need the third Shard so you should go after that. I’ll find the last Painting and destroy it.

How was she planning on destroying the painting without the shard? So many questionsss
And how come Eckhardt did not take the 2 Periapt Shards from Kurtis after he captured him? In the cutscene before Boaz Returns Gunderson just kicks Kurtis out of the balcony after Eckhardt throws him on the floor and then Kurtis throws to Lara the 2 Periapt Shards he had.

How did Eckhardt capture Kurtis?
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