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jumping a stair gate
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Originally Posted by Brendanlovesu1 View Post
I never learned to ride a bike, I have co-ordination and balance problems so I always fell to one side and thought I looked foolish. Imagine a grown man not being able to ride a bike

I also don't get "stan" or "super fan" culture
Don't feel bad about not being able to ride a bike loads of people can't ride a bike although you might be better off not riding a bike seeing as there are so many people being killed while riding their bikes.

It's just not safe to be on the roads between speeding cars and massive trucks on the roads you would be better off sticking to walking, I see a lot of people around where I live riding their bikes on footpaths they have no choice as the roads are too dangerous although it is stupid of some bike users to try and cycle through a crowd of people which I saw happen a few weeks ago at a bus stop.

I don't use my bike anymore because of how unsafe it is to be on the roads on a bike these days that and it has two punctures that I don't know how to fix as I would always get my dad to fix punctures for me, he did try to explain it to me how to fix a puncture but he made it more complicated than was necessary so I had him do it when necessary which was easier for everyone, it would be great if someone invented tyres that automatically repaired themselves anytime there was a puncture.
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I went for a lesson in kayaking with my sister recently and for whatever reason just found the whole experience absolutely petrifying. Like, what do I do if my kayak tips over? My legs are tightly wedged into it so I'll be stuck drowning to death if I tip upside-down while everyone else paddles on their merry way together into the sunset and sings 'Kumbaya my Lord'.

Imagine: I'm a 27-year old, 13 stone man, I get into a kayak and suddenly I start erratically swaying side-to-side on the water like I'm in a freaking Ariana Grande music video because I just can't for the life of me keep my balance. Then I look down, see the bottomless pit of nothingness below me saying "Hi there! When you're ready, tip over and drown!" and immediately I start freaking out some more. Meanwhile my sister was dying in hysterics and others near me were constantly asking "You alright there mate?" So humiliating!

Then at the end I couldn't take any more of it and tried to get out of the bloody water so I could leave the rest of the class, but found I couldn't push myself out of my kayak (I mean, there's water all around me, how the hell are you supposed to pry your legs out of this thing when they're stuck like a trapped sardine in a tin with nothing around you to hold onto?). So I got my sister to charge her kayak into mine to permanently wedge me against a wall which I could then hold onto for support and buy myself enough time to pull my legs out of the damn thing. Then my kayak is all like "Hmm. You know what might help in this situation? If we like, tip over?" To which it does. So my kayak is tipped on its side with my sister desperately trying to hold everything together while I crawl out onto the ground with roaring laughter from my sister ringing in my ears. It was absolutely humiliating.

How in front-flipping **** did Lara Croft manage this with ease back in Tomb Raider 3? And down a waterfall as well?!
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I am an experienced scuba diver, but hate when water gets up my nose. At least you have the mask and can clear the water. Would not like turning over in a kayak and being stuck upside down under water.
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