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Originally Posted by CoTeCiO View Post
Interesting! So, there are no textures for this model left on the game data? It would be cool to edit the model and ultimately make it playable or at least convert it to XNA, but I understand it would be quite an ordeal.
IIRC, the model is not rigged and since it's not in A- or T-Pose, it'd be quite difficult to try and rig it. So making it posable is probably a pipe dream (let alone playable). And no, as far as I know, its textures aren't included in the game files. We do have some pictures of what it looked like with textures, though.

(This one's not the exact same version of the model as the braid is definitely different.)
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Ew! She looks like a before plastic surgery photo of the real AOD Lara o.O
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