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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Were they immortal gods in TR1? I thought that was just TRA.

I'm guessing they did just die. I can't remember if Tihocan's tomb was empty in TR1 just like in TRA.
I never considered them gods,besides Natla.(in TRA ofc, but even there I see her as a demigod...)
Also, Tihocan had a coffin, in his chamber. I think he was dead too (I mean if Natla in TR1 was only a human,then the others too.), since when Lara finishes reading the mural, the camera pans to Tihocan's coffin.

In TRA, Qualopec got mutilated by Natla (hence how she's became immortal(?) ) and eventually died. Yes, we seen his body to reanimate, but that doesn't mean he was there, as a person. (His grayed skin could prove this...)
Tihocan might be alive but disappeared, or he went down with Atlantis, so that is why his coffin was empty...
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It isn't stated what type of immortality Natla possesses on TRA but it certainly doesn't grant her immunity to everything and it is possible for her to be killed through excessive damage, albeit an intense amount but whatever ritual she might have discovered off screen requires her to kill an unknown amount of people to extend her own life yet we don't know if this is what Qualopec and Tihocan may have acquired as well, Qualopec perhaps stopped killing people which ended up ageing him over time and dying of natural causes or at least to a minimal life force up until Lara takes the Scion, Tihocan being he may have even faked his death and is residing elsewhere.

When it comes to TR1, they are mortal as they get, Natla only being more resilient to gunfire and obtaining unique weaponry when metamorphosing with an Atlantean so I suppose if Lara opened fire on Natla when she charged at her on TR1 at the altar, she would have died then and there, Qualopec being dead and dry on his throne which is clearly shown upon discovering the Scion and for all we know, Tihocan was dead and buried in his coffin as we never actually saw the inside of it on the first game.
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