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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
Very interesting. Any reason as to why they coded the shotgun that way?
I'm guessing it's easier to override one weapon's behavior to shoot more than 1 bullet and override the displayed ammo counter logic for that one weapon than to add exceptions to a core shooting logic - less possibilities of breaking some core concepts.
Keep in mind that I haven't yet reversed the game's executable to find out how they really implemented it. That's my guess because that's what I'd do if I was to write a program. A bit more object-oriented approach rather than having a one giant blob handles everything.

There may be some specific occurrences like setting the shotgun ammunition number manually via a memory editor where it's not a multiplication of 6 - in this case IIRC it'll still show the number rounded up to a multiple of 6.
At least that's what I remember when messing around with Cheat Engine - set the value to something between 1 - 6 and the counter will still show it as 1.
Of course in this case when you have less than 6 "true" bullets, that one shot you can afford will use less than 6 - maybe the only case it does that?
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Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
65535 for every weapon.
Nevertheless shotgun can display 9422 maximum, because its displayed ammo divided by 6. I mean... technically in the program code shotgun shell has 6 shots inside it, and shotgun makes all 6 shots at once.
That makes sense. Answers my question as to why the shotgun was always given less ammo when using an all weapons cheat, at least on the ps1 versions.
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