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Originally Posted by whosyourdady View Post

About the RE series, I've only played and finished RE4 and RE5 some years before, but lately I bought pretty much all of them on PC (they were some bunch), and started to play from the first one, chronologically (starting with RE0).

I know it will take some time, but hopefully I will manage to finish all of them (including RE Village, which I understood is a successful and neat one), and get back to you soon

Also, I've seen the movies also, all of them, another successful survival/horror series.
I think you should play RE1 and RE2 before RE0, because they are meant to be played in that order. Not that is super important anyway, but RE0 has characters from those entries.
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Saw the movie Monday night and decided to wait and see how I felt after a day. I will say it is definitely more in line with the games and that will make people happy, but it has some problems. Heres some non spoiler stuff.

1. Of the main 4 I like everyone, except Claire. She felt nothing at all like the character. She was just a generic "badass female with attitude". As the main character I was pretty dissapointed.....thankfully Jill was great.

Leon stans will possibly hate this interpretation of the character. He is very inexperienced in this film and all the other characters give him a hard time throughout, except for Jill and Richard. I personally enjoyed this version, though I won't blame his fans for being upset. Jill was my favorite. She has a slight change that some people might not like, but its not at all what the rumors suggested. Other than that, she felt like RE1 Jill mixed with Barry(minus the jokes). She is also in the film a good amount and gets second billing. Chris felt enough like RE1 Chris and I think people will enjoy Robbie as him. Wesker is definitely different and his motivations are not the exact same. He is portrayed as he was described in the series before RE1. A guy the team liked and looked up to.

All of the other characters that aren't STARS members are basically "in name only", except maybe William.

2. The plot builds pretty good for 2/3 of the film and then takes a nose dive. The ending is so rushed I couldn't even believe it. Title card pops up right in the middle of a scene! In the end it was a mistake to combine 1 and 2 into one film. It needed another 20-30 minutes for sure, because the ending wasnt earned.

3. Now saying that, everything that dealt with the RE1 storyline was pretty great and I wish it had been an adaptation of JUST that. All the RE2 stuff felt shoved into the film due to studio mandates. I don't understand blowing through roughly 3 games for one film, when you would have perfect sequels lined up.

At any rate, I'm interested to see what fans have to say on the film throughout the week.
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I've seen the movie. Random, messy thoughts below:

It's undeniable that the director has played the games or is at least very familiar with them. It's all stuff from the games without actually being very accurate. Seemingly everything and everyone is modified for the sake of it not being an accurate adaptation. I'm kind of glad they didn't go for a direct game-to-film adaptation but some things weren't needed to be *that* different from the games.

If they tried to make an actual RE1/RE2 movie, there's more pressure to do it accurately, and be more prone to be analyzed unnecessarily. That and we don't really need a RE1/2 film that's just like the games. I'd rather it be different enough for it to feel fresh.

Claire is too one-dimensional. She's cold without seemingly like a heartless bitch but there's basically no warmth to her. But I like despite her being able to take care of herself, she's not doing all these crazy action stunts and combat moves. I really don't buy that a 10 year old (?) girl runs away and isn't found and recaptured by Umbrella, let alone "survives living on the streets."

Sherry, one of many useless inclusions, could have been given something to do in this movie, other than be yet another character in the background who is just there for the sake of it, and not looking anything like their game character. She could have been saved by Claire at some point to show that Claire has some more emotional range and vulnerability.

Annette didn't need to be depicted as another scientist parent (as the movie is already crowded enough with all these characters) but she's just there to say "hey look, another character from the games!" She looks nothing like Annette. I'm convinced they were so limited on budget that they told certain actors to not bother changing their hair or clothes to avoid having to spend more money on wardrobe and hair and makeup.

Who the **** is Dooley? Why did they make a random, useless new character? Honestly, they could have made him Rebecca Chambers even if they killed her off. Have her get eaten by the Yawn, IDK.

The Lisa Trevor inclusion was done well enough. Her fight scene with the Licker was cool. But really? Claire is the only one that wakes up in the middle of the night and sees her creeping around? Or is the only one that Lisa is drawn to? And the adults don't realize she's not dead and/or not locked up somewhere?

Irons seems like such a messy leader. How he became chief is a mystery.

Birkin was done well enough, but his final form looked way too OTT like he was made in a "random monster generator." I would have preferred him to be more of a mutated human than a messy nightmare creature with chaotic design. Him mocking Chris at the end, telling him he was stupid to think he could ever be "family" to him was really douchey and seemed random.

Jill seemed like an oversight. She isn't really given much to say or do. I still find it stupid that the only way we know she's Jill is because they say she is. Nothing in her design resembles any version of Jill.

Leon really lives up to his "rookie" status. He gets close to seeming like a complete bumbling fool but I liked his depiction enough. Despite being darker skin toned and having some facial hair, he looks like he could be Leon.

I liked the way the truck driver was done but despite it being absolutely likely to happen, did he really need to be a creep and put his hand on Claire's knee? That was thankfully brief, but was still cringey. And him being on fire and walking so nonchalantly into the police station was a failed "cool moment." It just looked kind of dumb.

Chris is done well. He looks like they wanted him to look like the actual game version. They even give us a shirtless scene...but it's out of focus and blurry in the background. Even though he and Claire weren't close, I liked how they handled his reaction to her coming back after several years of not seeing each other.

They didn't really even develop Wesker enough. Jill made it seem like Wesker intended to get his team killed. He just wanted money and they were going to the mansion anyways, so it's not really his fault if people died. But if they were already there, finish the mission and see what Umbrella is up to! Jill didn't seem to care about any of that. I wouldn't have made there some flirty tension between Wesker and Jill but I like that it was just in passing and they don't actually do anything with it. Same as with Chris "pining over" Jill. It's mentioned once but not some big deal and thankfully not a corny love triangle.

They don't even elaborate on STARS or the t-virus. Umbrella is said to be a big corporation but apart from us just being told they are responsible for this mess, there's not much seeing it being done.

The best scenes were the mansion. They play a few notes of Moonlight Sonata but I honestly couldn't even tell that was supposed to be it. They should have played the actual song.

Despite this movie only being 1 hour and 47 minutes, it felt longer. They included a lot of game characters and plot lines and I think they should have fleshed it out more and made it an even 2 hours. Some of it feels rushed. This would have worked much better as two movies or a miniseries.

Overall, I did like it. It's focused on atmosphere and fan service, and not action and explosions. There's just so much questionable decisions, even if they aren't outright bad.
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The movie is being panned terribly.

Can't lie, I'm getting strong Silent Hill Revelation vibes from the production of this.

I think I'm going to prefer the Anderson films

They're so hated but at least they don't claim to be super faithful adaptions of the games and do they're own thing.
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The movie wasn’t bad. Definitely not bad like Silent Hill Revelations. It was alright. I laughed at a lot of scenes. They made Leon a complete idiot.
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Originally Posted by robm_2007 View Post
Who the **** is Dooley? Why did they make a random, useless new character?
They didn't, but there's another example of a, just-for-the-sake-of-it inclusion.
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I watched the movie and I found it wasn't as bad as many claim, sure it isn't a masterpiece (neither does it try to be) but in fact I actually liked it more than any of the previous Anderson films. However; I did find some of the characters were indeed miscast. I don't mind the fact as much at the end bc I really like the actors themselves even if they look little like their videogame counterparts, except Chris which was really good and accurate portrayal, I thought Leon was ok. Definitely wasn't expecting him to be comic relief but it wasn't bad. I noticed that some people have issue with Claire... well I actually really enjoyed Claire in this movie despite the fact that she feels closer to Anderson's Claire Redfield rather than Capcom's version. In fact, I'd say this movie works as an origin story to that Claire we see in the Anderson films. It's almost the exact same Claire that Ali Larter played in the previous movies. Wesker was good in this movie I didn't mind his casting and I actually liked that post credits scene, it was just what redeemed Wesker for me. The action scenes at the mansion were amazing and I loved how every location looked and felt. Overall I enjoyed this movie much more than any previous RE Live action movie and I recommend at least a watch.
I thought it was odd that Lisa wasn't evil this time around though, that and the fact she had no purpose or closure in the plot, she felt randomly shoe horned in, I also found amusingly odd that Wesker and Jill had a thing for each other, now that was certainly unexpected! Vickers death was miserable and served no purpose, there was no Tyrant, Mr X or Nemesis which I did find so boring but at least we had William and some Lickers even though I was expecting Claire or Leon to get rid of the Licker, not Lisa
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While I'm yet to see the movie (really excited for it, but it's only coming on the 12th in Brazil ), I've seen some people claiming Claire is not herself but at the same time, she hasn't been herself in while though has she? Her personality changed a bit in REV2 and in the remake she's also pretty much "generic female action hero". While she definitely kept some traits, her attitude has been revamped since the classics. From the trailers movie Claire seems a lot like her REmake counterpart.

I obviously don't dislike the new Claire, but I definitely miss the old version of her. One of the things that made her one of my favourite RE characters is precisely how consistent she was, her personalty, her face, her voice, she always felt exactly the same person even as technology advanced, and generational leaps have always been a hard thing to get right when it comes to keeping consistent looking faces.
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So Resident Evil 4 remake got leaked. Yikes, somebody getting fired for sure.
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
So Resident Evil 4 remake got leaked. Yikes, somebody getting fired for sure.
Googled it and found nothing. Proof?
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