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Limbo really creeped me out.
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Originally Posted by TombRager View Post
Resident Evil 2 - The zombie arms breaking the barricades in a hallway, every single barricade broken resulted in one scream from me lol.
Doesn't matter how often I've played this game over the years, this gets me every single time, without fail.

In the classic Tomb Raiders, the parts with fast moving enemies in tight corridors always unnerve me a little (eg the mummy in City of Khamoon, dogs in the stairwells of Diving Area / Aldwych)
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Eddie Gluskin, the groom, in Outlast Whistleblower
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Silent Hill Origins managed to get a pretty good scare from me.

I was playing the PS2 version (Which is darker), long story short, an kinda borderline OP at times way to avoid fights in SH series is to turn off your flashlight and just walk.

Except in Origins PS2 it's really dark.

Turns out as well, in that one section in Origins I was in, there is a type of monster that's hanging shackles that casts a shadow with a person in it when you shine your flashlight on them.

Turns out, a bunch of dark shackles (since flashlight off) is actually really hard to see in Darkness, so I actually walked straight into one and only knew it because it attacked me which actually freaked me out.
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The entirety of Alien Isolation, I’ve never been more frightened in my life. I love it so much.
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P.T - The whole game but especially that first Lisa jump scare.

RE7 - First section, when you're being chased by Jack and the fight with Marguerite.

RE8 - House Beneviento

Alien Isolation - As others have said, it's not really a specific moment. The whole game is scary.

Doki Doki Literature Club - Don't wanna spoil it for those that haven't played but that first moment with Sayori really did a number on me.
Stings doesn't it?
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