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Lightbulb Please read before posting in this forum

We’re having a bit of an overhaul on the way this section works, so here’s an updated version for you all.

Feel free to:
  • Introduce and let us know a bit about yourself. If possible, try to include at least one thing about yourself that you think is unusual (make it interesting)!
  • Congratulate members on special achievements (birthdays, anniversaries both on here and in real life, passing a driving test, getting a new job etc.) – This is our exception for self-congratulations, you may make a thread to congratulate yourself on achievements such as these.
Originally Posted by Gabi
And it is always nice and appreciated if you leave a little, personal message and not just a . If you can't be bothered to write a few nice words, then you might as well not bother at all.
  • Thank other members for congratulating you! If nothing else, it’s polite. Try not to overdo it though; you don’t have to thank members after every post (or even every few posts).
  • Congratulate your fellow members on reaching one of the following new ranks:
__100 - Student
__250 - Historian
__500 - Explorer
_1000 - Archaeologist
_2500 - Professor
_5000 - Relic Hunter
10000 - Tomb Raider
25000 - Legend
  • Congratulate your fellow members on reaching 30,000 posts and subsequent 10,000 post counts (such as 40,000, 50,000 and so on).
Please do not:
  • Carpet bomb this section by congratulating all members. Let’s be honest, it looks a bit clingy and smacks of insincerity. It falls under our spam policy and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Bump threads that have been dormant for a couple of days. Necromancy is not welcome in this section. If the event is no longer relevant, you’re better off sending a PM or VM to the user.

As always, if in doubt as to whether your potential congratulatory thread belongs in this section, send a PM or VM instead.

Many thanks for your understanding!


UPDATED 10/05/2015
Life tastes better with cake. 🎂

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