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Daring Do
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Wait, you can mod RotTR now?
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Originally Posted by Daring Do View Post
Wait, you can mod RotTR now?
Mod its savegames. I could write it all in Cheat Engine table, but I figured a savegame would be easier for everyone. This is the last save I'm leaving. This one was checked, passed with no crashes or problems:


(The link is also mirrored in first post).

Now I plan to return back to TR2013. I already modded some things in it, but I'm not yet satisfied.

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The Link to the Savegame sadly got removed. I know this is a longshot but anyway. Maybe somebody else has an NG+ Savegame whos willing to share it with me.
Thank you in advance
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Admittedly I've only really played the reboot games once or twice each but this is definately an interesting spot!

None of the links work anymore and this thread is rather quiet now but incase OP comes back

Is it possible to make one of these savegames again but, only unlocking ALL outfits? That was my only gripe about Rise to be honest, those classic skins were so looked forward to but dissapointly they were only available after you'd played the game, outside of story mode.

OP savegame looks like it unlocks pretty much everything - but it'd be cool to play a completely fresh game, nothing completed except being able to choose from all the getups
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