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Default When Mathias called Lara a "child," was he being more literal than we realize?

With the recent discover that the Shadow Lara model was only 4' 9.5", assuming the scaling was the same in Tomb Raider, a thought occurred to me. Mithas referred to Lara as a "child" at least once and I'm pretty sure a couple more times. ("For a child, you've caused me a great deal of trouble. KILL HER!")

Considering Lara's small size, I wonder - it is possible Mithas didn't think Lara was fully grown? And that she was literally a child, not a very short 21 year old? Perhaps not, I vaguely recall he used "my child" elsewhere and it "might" have been with Sam, but I'm not sure. Interesting possibility to consider. Certainly something interesting to think about.

Although the height does explain Jonah's "little bird," and that at some points her appearance does seem to give off a slightly bird-like impression, sometimes when her relatively large head and narrow shoulders become particularly apparent.
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No. I think in the story Lara is 21 and is meant to be 5'6. I think Mathias is calling her that almost as a mild insult so to imply she is young, naive. Jonah's 'little bird' is an endearing nick name, possibly size related as she is small compared to him.

As this thread is specific to Tomb Raider 2013, I will move it to that section.
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