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Default Trying to get RTX Remix to work on Legend [Any info about it running on Geforce 2's?]

Basically I can't get the game to run in fixed function [without shaders] part of me was thinking it released way too late and requirements mean it doesn't have fixed function support [requirements are Shader 2] but..

I see tons of posts of people with geforce 2's playing the game. Its possible that it used some software [3d analyzer] to emulate shaders but I don't think so. It also released on Gamecube which is a fixed function platform so it seems like its possible.

Anyone have information on it being able to run on Geforce 2's? If it can run on a Geforce 2 the game should have fixed function pipeline support.
Also as a follow up - does anyone know how to force it run in that mode on a modern GPU? I am getting shaders no matter what I try with advanced config.

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