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^Dead Space is my next game to play. Currently playing Red Dead Redemption.

I've recently been playing through my all time favorite games
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Dishonored 2. It's basically the same as Dishonored 1, really, with a few interesting ideas but no really major changes. It feels less like a new game and more like a level pack. But I really liked Dishonored 1, so having more of it is not a bad thing.
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I've been jumping between Uncharted 4 Multiplayer for the challenges/relics, Dirt 4 is slowly being completed and hopefully I can platinum that, and Friday the 13th with a bunch of people from my friends list.
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I tried playing Hotline Miami with my laptop's mouse...that was one of the biggest gaming flops of all time.
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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Currently hunting, a lot. I decided to postpone the Pharos at Ridorana so that Reddas would join me in my adventures for a while. Though whenever he dies, I leave him dead...places like the Necrohol of Nabudis are full of traps and Reddas is to stand in every single one. So have it your way, man.
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Replaying TR 2013 - This time on the PC.

Man, that's a lot of bodies for an innocent young girl...
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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
Replaying TR 2013 - This time on the PC.

Man, that's a lot of bodies for an innocent young girl...
Well they literally turned Lara into a female version of Rambo in this new trilogy.

What's truly incredible isn't just the number of bodies she piles up in this game, but the insane little amount of time it took for her to go running around the island blasting people in the face after her first kill.
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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground on XBox 360, It's okay, even though I only have it on demo, The last Tony Hawk game that's playable in my opinion, better than Project 8 Creation wise.
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I'm switching between Tomb Raider II and Batman : Arkham City
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I would like to play Rage, but it's unplayable. Every few Seconds the Game freezes for 4 or 5 Seconds. Sometimes I could play a Minute or so without any Problems, but then I make a few Steps and the Game freezes, then I make a few Steps and the Game freezes again.
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