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Thank you!
Well, it's a good idea using the springboard in that way.
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Very nice springboard - and I agree this a better springboard style.
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I've dug up this old thread because someone on Twitch asked about how to set up TR2 springboards using TRNG.
I wanted to post a link to a tutorial, only to find out there wasn't any tutorial on it... But I did rediscover this thread.
So I decided to use the information in here and the setup I'm using in one of my own levels to create a tutorial for it.


We can discuss the tutorial in this thread, where it all started.
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Hi there.

Thanks for the tutorial.

I am trying to set a Triggegroup to combine many of the actions, so I only have to place 1 PAD trigger call. However, my condition to detect springboards is not infallible.

;To activate, put a PAD trigger with the code: $2000,371,$004A (Acitvate TriggerGroup 74, single mode)

TriggerGroup= 74, >
	$8000,57,$0110, > ;Scan for the object to take its ID, If the MultiEnvCondition 57 is true  (OR way)
	TGROUP_USE_FOUND_ITEM_INDEX + $5000,15,$005E, >  ;Activate object (trigger it)
	TGROUP_USE_FOUND_ITEM_INDEX + $5000,15,$010F, >  ;Active Springboard animation 1.
	$2000,170,$0209, >                               ;Active Lara's animation 521 (F170)
	$2000,376,$0009                                  ;Reset organizer 9

TestPosition= 9, IGNORE, ANIMATING1, -512, 512, -512, 512, -512, 512, -32767, 32767, -100, 100, -100, 100
MultEnvCondition= 57, >

TriggerGroup= 75, > ;Untrigger Springboard
TGROUP_USE_FOUND_ITEM_INDEX + $5000,16,$005F,>  ;Untrigger Springboard.
$2000,128,$0009                                 ;Stop Organizer 9

Organizer= 9, FO_TICK_TIME , IGNORE, 30, 75    
;After 1 sec, activate triggergroup 75 
;(Springboard animation has (0-4 frames) + (0-23 frames)
What it does:
Placed in the springboard sector, when the PAD with trigger 2000,371,$004A is activated, the Trigger 74 begins. (Single mode)

This does a condition check in the Lara's area, if it finds a springboard (ANIMATING1 here) it answers true, but also, it store that ID in a temporal internal variable.

So if it's true (and has recorded that ID), then it uses it to activate the object and force its animation, and then Lara's too.

It also activates an Organizer, (a kind of timer) to activate the "Untrigger" 1 sec later.

What's the problem:
It works generally well, but sometimes, the condition doesn't get true soon enough when when Lara enters the sector, (It may get true later while Lara is on the sector, but the PAD call looks to happens in the "entrance or first contact" moment).

So sometimes it fails (like 1 or 2 of 10 attempts), (If Lara enters sprinting, the case is more frequent)

What I tried:
- I tested with different TestPosition configurations but I don't manage to get an ideal one.
- I also have tried to add the TPOS_EXTRA_ITEM but I don't achieve to get rid of the problem completely.
- If activated in continuous way, it requires some extra lines, one to stop the scan once activated the jump, and another to reactivate the scan at the end (in the untrigger group). However I'm trying to avoid that approach, hopping that solving the TPOS for the PAD call moment were enough. >.<

Do you know the values to make the TestPosition more efficient detecting a springboard to make it always ready for the PAD call? (With the ID detected)
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