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Default Quest_item1

Hello everybody

in my project I use the QUEST_ITEM1 object with a SECRET.

When Lara picks up the item in her inventory, the item is placed leaning.

Question: can it be oriented as I do with PUZZLE, KEY, PICKUP, EXAMINE?

If the answer is "YES" how do you do it?

Hello and thanks
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Hello Franky

I can do it because I am using the classic inventory plugin. However I don't know if it can be done with the classic Script lines. O_
Living and Left :)
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Unfortunately the QUEST_ITEM's specifically can't be changed with normal scripting; their rotation is hardcoded. You can change their rotation is WADmerger, though. Normally it's the amulet of Horus in that slot, it lays down flat on the ground but is rotated straight up in the inventory. So as long as the item looks fine rotated 90 degrees backwards you can just do that.

Some NG command can probably rotate the object manually if it doesn't, but I wouldn't know personally; Similar to how you can move pickups off-center.

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There are three types of TRNG scripting for this:
I. see the ring inventory plugin, or
II. with the flat inventory:
a, see my plugin#1, or
b, use a chain of a few "Variables" flipeffects

The explanation is complicated and already done, and I won't repeat it, please see the documents attached for these. (One of them, i.e. the tutorial to II/b method is linked.)

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