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Wow this looks so good congratulation
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Looking forward to this!

How easy is it to change out the model/adjust animation speeds?
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Alex Fly
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Originally Posted by Laras Dream View Post
Okay, so the situation is that I upgraded the project to work with the latest Unity version (via Unity's auto-upgrade) and a few unacceptable bugs have appeared.

I will release it whenever I get them ironed out. Better than releasing a buggier version. Hehe.
Oh that's unfortunate. Hope you'll manage to fix the problems easily. Take all the time you need and good luck with it.
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Even now I can see this asset in My unity with URaider
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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OMG this looks so AMAZING!!!!
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Looks amazing.. getting better anf better.

Still not 100% sure how I personally feel about how Lara turns and runs - I know its like AOD and LAU..

Would there be a chance of adding more 'classic' move sets more akin to TR1-5
Lara turns on the spot and hops backwards.. while still retaining the fluid running and camera controls..
Kind of like AOD running tight on the spot etc, but mixed with classic controls when Lara is standing still (turn on spot and hop back)

Gonna be really cool seeing all of this is an actual fanmade level too - something new or a remake of an old one
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This is what I needed to do my Angel of Darkness remaster. How can I get this?
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Laras Dream
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Default Finally...

Hi all!

I am happy enough to release URaider as a beta now. It is not the final version - I have no doubt that you will find bugs I have missed!

Unfortunately, I am under a high volume of work, and I want that work to be of first-class standard, at university because it is coming up to submission and exam season. Therefore, I did not have time to implement some features people sought such as the classic control scheme (sorry about this one because I know it was asked for a few times and would have liked it myself), and block-pushing. I am, however, not ruling them out as features that could possibly be added over the summer. Who knows.

You will also need to handle things like saving and the main menu UI yourself. All those features would just delay everything further. They are more general things that you can read about yourself on the internet.

I will try to get some tutorial videos up because I know opening a framework without a tutorial can be intimidating, but please don't let it put you off because for now, you can try to make sense of things in the DevMap.

How to install
  1. Download this repository: https://github.com/TiernanWatson/uraider
  2. Either open it as a project in Unity (2018.3.5 and above) or copy everything from Assets to your Asset folder in a project
  3. Try something!

As this is a beta, I don't recommend starting a full-blown project with it. Its really still in bug hunting stage. If you can, could you please report any issues/bugs to (note this is not for feature requests): https://github.com/TiernanWatson/uraider/issues

And for those that aren't able to use Unity but would like to find bugs, you can play a build of the development area:
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Thank you so much for this! I'm so happy you managed to make it into beta This is awesome!

I'm so sure people will be creating wonderful stuff with it.
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I've just had a go with it, it's amazing! I've submitted some issues I've found (hope it's alright, I've never used GitHub before.) Wonderful job so far, and best of luck with university!
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