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Hmm, is the Xinput Xbox controller working for anyone else? Whenever I try and launch the game with the xbox variant controller installed, the game won't launch. But if I disconnect the controller, I'm able to get in.
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Default help needed with the Restoration project setup

So I followed this video to get set up, I copied the bin and data folders over and installed the LAV filters with the VMR9 box checked. When I boot up the game via the green play button (Steam) the launcher opens as normal I press run game and the EIDOS logo plays after that the game freezes but if I alt + tab out and then back in I can hear the audio for the Core Design logo but no video and then nothing.

Not sure if I'm missing something here?

I'm using the English Steam version of the game with Ver. 1.4.0

Any help would be appreciated.
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Is there a way to disable the backward hops with the LAU control system when you lightly press back on the analog stick?
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