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Default OSC: Official Screenshot Competition - The Revival V2 - Results

The Results Are In

3rd place (Bronze Medal)
with 6 points goes to:
Hyperthesis, Entry #1

2nd place (Silver Medal)
with 7 points goes to:
Lumberjack, Entry #2

1st place (Gold Medal)
with a whopping 19 points! goes to:
Hyperthesis, Entry #2

Congratulations to all medalists
and thank you to all participants .

Great work, everyone!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Hyperthesis, please feel free to start the next round!
If you can't or don't want to, please let us know.
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Wow! Can't say I've ever won both 1st and 3rd place in the same competition before. But alright, I'll take it! Thank you!

Congratulations to Lumberjack for clinching 2nd place, by the way. It was certainly a smaller competition compared to V1, but all the entries here were amazing.

For those who don't frequent the official screenshots thread, I admit it's rather obvious just how much I enjoy Photo Mode. I am happy to see others do as well, and I hope to see all of you, and many more, in the V3 competition. I plan to launch it next week or thereabouts. Some time after patch #3 drops, at least.
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