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I hadn't left. But I had certainly become bored, and felt this franchise that I hold so close and dear to me was becoming lost- which didn't fill me with confidence. The remasters have definitely brought back some life into my enthusiasm and appreciation for Tomb Raider
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It definitely brought me back and is why I am here again after so many years. A lot has come to pass too.

It's been nostalgic getting to play these again. It's been even more of a joy to experience it again as my daughter has been playing too. It's really sweet seeing her inspired by Lara like I was when I was young.

I do wish that the remasters had had more of the "Spyro Reignited" treatment (higher quality environments not just character models). I think its mostly that they preserved the sometimes wonky environment texturing. I'm not an expert but I kinda wish they'd used smoother textures/transitions to make it feel a bit more higher quality. I did like how in some areas they added "windows" and skylights for natural light to kinda break up some of the more plain rooms.

But other than that small criticism I really have been enjoying them and I'm glad that for the most part these games have been preserved as they were without major changes. Something that seems to be unheard of these days. I just wish I could be optimistic about the future of the rest of the franchise but... I sort if gave up on that hope after Shadow (probably earlier than that tbh).
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