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Talking Jonell Elliott / AoD Lara voice actress - First Tomb Raider Interview


I figured this might interest folk here. I was lucky enough to interview Lara's voice actress from The Last Revelation, Chronicles, and The Angel of Darkness, for my Tomb Raider podcast.

Audio podcast version: https://anchor.fm/raidercast

Fantastic to hear her again after all this time!

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tlr online
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Thumbs up

Good to see you again Rivendell, thank you for sharing.
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Aw, thanks for doing this Chris, she’s such an icon and so sweet.
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Oh my god im freaking out listening to this
She sounds exactly the same! AMAZING.
I hope she portrays Lara in the next game!
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This could honestly be Lara just talking about her own life. I can't believe her voice is so unchanged. She will foree be my Lara. Thanks for this.
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Thank you for this, was very nice to hear Lara again. Seriously she sounds the same
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Wow, it seems like it's been ages since I saw Rivendell on here. Hope you're doing well, Rivendell.

Nice interview, Jonnelle sounds lovely and fun.
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This was fantastic. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Jonell for doing the interview.
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I recently lost motivation again working on AoD 1.5 but holy mother hearing Jonell just talking it's like listening to unreleased audio files hidden in the game files LOL she's so nice!! actually gave me motivation to start again, so thank you
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Jonell was always THE Lara for me..

Listening to this brought a tear to my eye - brought me right back to my childhood back in the late 90s.

I bet it was lovely for Jonell herself too - being out of the spotlight for so long, and realising just how much people love her portrayal even after all these years <3
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