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Question Trigger bug in HSC???

Hey guys,
As you all know there is a room in High Security Compond where you have to fry an armed guard with a laser.

My question is once the guard is dead, is there a way to open the exit door by using any type of trigger bug or something similar while Lara is on the other side of the laser???

Or a way to trigger the door without triggering the laser???

Working on my last few level ideas for Dxtre3D...
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Where exactly?
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I guess he means the room underneath the hangar. You can crawl into this room to sneak to the switch or you can move directly into this room but the guard will notice you if you do so. As far as I know the door opens only if you pull the switch to activate the laser. It doesn't matter if the guard gets killed or not. The door gets triggered with the switch.
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There's no way around the switch
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Perhaps I'm not understanding where this 'problem' is or is the GameGlitcher77 just exploring the possibilities available in that area? The switch activates the door and the laser. It is as simple as that.

Why would anyone think there might be let alone want an alternative solution? It makes no difference whether the guard is killed or not. It is up to the player to make the decision but you have to pull the switch no matter what moral choice you make about that.

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