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Tomb Raidering
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Default Did any of you come across this bug??

I was watching a review for The Last Revelation by Steve Of Warr, and the reviewer mentions this bug around the 24:52 time mark (I donít know how to time stamp).

Basically if you kill the soldier thatís strangled by the big scorpion instead of rescuing him, Lara collapses on her death for no reason... Weird
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Oh he finally released Part Two for TRIV. I completely forgot about this channel honestly
I've yet to watch this, but I think I know exactly what the bug is based on your description. I believe it happened to me once randomly.
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Never knew we could kill the guard. But the game prevents you from continuing afterwards anyway.
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Enjoyed Steve Of Warr's review ^^^.

Don't agree with some of the criticism, in fact quite a lot of it, but a fair and amusing way of expressing it for sure.

I think I came across that bug Tomb Raidering asked about on one occasion, probably my first playthrough. But on most later runs any experienced TR player remembering knows that there are often rewards for saving or not shooting default neutral NPCs ie. the monks in TR2 and the soldiers etc in TR3 Crash Site and RX Tech Mines.

So in TR4 when you come across such incidents you can guess you have to save the NPC(s) and in doing so may not see that particular mysterious death bug.
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The bug appears when you kill the Mercenary while in the Scorpions scissor. Which only happens when using explosive ammo.
The Mercenary should be killed by the Scorpion or the scorption killed by lara.
if you wait until the mercenary dies or kill the scorption first, this bug wont happen
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I never knew that. I'm so amazed by this strange bug !
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