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Is that a comic book based on the movie included?

Edit: Nvm, once I zoomed in I saw its just a production photo
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Just saw the trailer for the Dora movie, and yeah if they can put all those tombs, temples and puzzles from what it looks to be a low-budget production (like around 50M or even less) AND look not half bad, so can a possible Tomb Raider sequel with a slightly higher one.
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I just finished rewatching the movie again for its anniversary, and oh my word, I want a sequel sooooooooo badly. I can’t get enough of Alicia as Lara, and the ending always makes me so excited for what could be next.
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Originally Posted by hope. View Post
Brought to you by HDZeta from China, hoping to grab a copy!

Where can I buy this?
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Originally Posted by FanosCroft View Post
Dora movie looks trash, I will never watch it.
Yeah, it looks awful and is obviously not aimed at my demographic (UK adult with no kids!).

BUT the temples and jungle settings do look kinda cool, if not a bit low-budget TV... You get what i'm saying.
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