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Originally Posted by Soma Holiday View Post
So wait, does this mean games like Deus Ex Go will literally disappear completely and be unplayable anywhere? I don't understand how they can do that. I bought that game so it should be accessible always otherwise I should get a refund.

This is why I always want physical copies of everything.
You actually may be eligible for refund - at least to Google Play's Terms of service:
Removal or Unavailability of Content. Subject to the Terms, Content that you purchase or install will be available to you through Google Play for the period selected by you, in the case of a purchase for a rental period, and in other cases as long as Google has the right to make such Content available to you. In certain cases (for example if Google loses the relevant rights, a service or Content is discontinued, there are critical security issues, or there are breaches of applicable terms or the law), Google may remove from your Device or cease providing you with access to certain Content that you have purchased. You may be given notice of any such removal or cessation, when possible. If you are not able to download a copy of the Content before such removal or cessation, Google may offer you either (a) a replacement of the Content if possible or (b) a full or partial refund of the price of the Content. If Google issues you a refund, the refund shall be your sole remedy.
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Soma Holiday
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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
You actually may be eligible for refund - at least to Google Play's Terms of service:
Thank you for the information I will look into this cause that would be just wrong to remove it completely after people paid. Thank you!
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Today marks eight years since Lara Croft GO officially released. Developed by Square Enix Montreal, Lara Croft GO debuted on 27th of August 2015. Grab a collection of Lara Croft GO mobile wallpapers produced from original high resolution source assets and listen to the captivating soundtrack produced by Pixel Audio to mark the occasion.

Lara Croft GO is a turn-based puzzle game set in the Tomb Raider universe. The isometric video-game features a distinct art design designed to spark the player's inner relic hunter as they tackle over 75 challenging puzzles in Lara's quest to survive the deadly mysteries that await. Follow the preview image below to grab the spoils.
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Happy 8th birthday Lara Croft GO!
The only handheld TR related games I ever enjoyed were the trilogy of Java ME games for old cellphones (The Osiris Codex, Quest for Cinnabar and Elixir of Life), which I still replay occasionally.

And then Lara Croft GO came out. It was such a breath of fresh air and offered great enjoyment. Hasn't been anything handheld related since that I personally would consider "worthy of anyone's time".
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Has it been that long?

It was terrific, and I wish more developers understood that gamers will pay for mobile games, and make them accordingly.

Everyone seems so sucked into the "free to play" model, that true, stand-alone, not online games are pretty hard to come by, and there's gamers like me with full wallets happy to drop $$ on a good mobile. game like Lara Croft Go.
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