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It's been 5 years, already?

Happy Birthday, Shadow. Well, time flies so bloody fast.
'And yet it moves!' - Galileo Galilei (1564Ė1642)
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^ Ikr? I can't believe it as well. It's like it came out last year.
Time really is the most insidious thing in the universe.

Happy b-day Shadow. You are a slog sometimes, but mostly still fun.
It's easier to do a job right, than to explain why you didn't.
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Originally Posted by Lukass View Post
It's been 5 years, already?

Happy Birthday, Shadow. Well, time flies so bloody fast.
Yeah, we definitely should have had another game by now
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Happy 5th, Shadow.

In celebration, my favourite bits of Shadow are:

-Little Lara's referral to herself in the third person (and by surname), "Croft chuckles at her audacity".

-When Crimson Fire and Lara come together at the end. I felt a lump in my throat, that something profound was happening.

-Those scary climbs where Lara had to work out the correct path around overhangs and ceiling sections. There weren't many of them but they were memorable.

-Also... the early bits where Lara's trying to find the object that starts it all off in that dark cavern, swimming sections, scary monster bits, climbing up Croft Manor, dark jungle-y section just after crash.

The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed 🞼
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Okay honestly, Iíve wanted to write this for a long time now cause I feel like Iím the only one who thought thisÖ but during the scene where Jonah dies in shadow, I really thought they were going to pull something like a beautiful mind where Jonah really did die, but the power of the box/dagger (as Lara was the one who got the dagger originally) somehow made this image of Jonah. The scenes leading up to this moment were really emotional, and it felt so weird seeing Jonah step out of the burning debris (surrounded by a glowing white light even) I really felt like Lara was imagining seeing Jonah and he really was dead. Itíd have made the scene so much more emotional, with Lara breaking down and all that.
Even the scene itself felt so weird, Lara conversing about where to find the box and Jonah helping her find it. I really thought it would lead up to a scene in the ending where Lara would find out Jonah really had died.

This idea mainly stemmed from the emotional weight that the game carried trough out, and camilla luddington saying this was an ending that broke her during the promotional campaign. I also think in the following scene after the oil fields, where Abby drives Lara and jonah to San Juan, Abby and Jonah didnít talk at all with each other. And then the music in the library felt so sad, i really thought they were setting up a big reveal of Jonah being dead all along.

But noÖ turns out it was just a really weird scene, where Lara completely acted out of character (first slaughtering dozens of men in the oil fields, and the next moment crying like a baby)

Also, no idea what camilla meant when she said shadow had the darkest ending, or the most emotional one (canít really recall what she said exactly at the time)

So, was I the only one that thought this? Am I crazy?
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