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Originally Posted by ajb94 View Post
With the classics being remastered,unified Lara next game with the return of dual pistols,the COD skin being classic lara...

Seems like the franchise wants to return to the iconic Lara Croft the GP know her as.

Will the next major film cast Angelina to reprise her roll?
I've been wondering the same thing! It's awesome to see the classic vibes making a comeback in the games - dual pistols and that classic COD skin got me like 😍🔫💥! The nostalgia is real!

But when it comes to Angelina Jolie returning as Lara Croft in the movies, I gotta be real with you... It's looking kinda unlikely. She's an absolute legend, no doubt about it, but action-packed roles like Lara might be a bit of a stretch these days.

I mean, she'd make an epic Lara's mom, especially if they do a movie with that original aristocratic backstory. But as for our leading lady, Alicia Vikander did a solid job in the last Tomb Raider flick, though I agree, the script could've been better. And hey, while she did great, some of us still feel she's not quite the spitting image of classic Lara.

If they're doing a direct sequel to the new movie, maybe sticking with Alicia would keep things consistent, ya know? But if they're looking for a fresh face to rock the dual pistols and raid some tombs, I'm totally down for that too!

Let's keep our fingers crossed for some epic Tomb Raider adventures ahead, no matter who's wearing those iconic boots!
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