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Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post
.... I still liked his death scene smoking a cigarette while Zombies claimed all over the truck....
I prefer Zombie death scenes better where the human pulls the pin out the grenade and just holds it and grins as the zombies move in on him.

What a way to go

PS..can remember the scene, but cannot remember the film, could have been zombie or alien infestation
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The Morning Show (season 3)

So far this season is starting off very strong. It’s already miles better than the previous seasons.
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Originally Posted by Lord Lulu View Post
They are nice to revisit from time to time. Sienna is what makes the fifth movie great to watch for me.

I have never seen Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. At this point from what I know, I don't want too. I knew I wasn't going to see it because Sienna wasn't in it.

You are right about the White Queen. They just dropped the whole use your blood for a cure thing too. Both Red and White Queens would have made for an interesting conflict.

Resident Evil Extinction with it's quiet scenes were pretty good. Though the whole movie being desert gave it a bland look. The next movie breaks it up a little but the color pallet still get subdued to much in the beginning. Then a stark contrast at the end.

So I did just finish Resident Evil: Afterlife. Still don't think it's a good movie but I don't think it is bad either. They do drop plot points from the last movie. For all it's faults it does do somethings right. The ignoring the world is desert now is good. Because the T-Virus drying up lakes and rivers never made sense. Also, I do like Wesker more in this movie. This and Resident Evil Extinction are about the same level for me.

While having Chris was nice, he did go to waste. Same with Clair. Could have done with less people. But we apparently needed cannon fodder. The best part of the movie was the Axeman fight scene. He came with some memorable music that I like. The credits scene with Jill is why I sat through this movie twice in the theater. Just couldn't get enough of her.

Well just one movie left. Resident Evil Retribution. That will be for next week. This one is my most guilty pleasure of the lot of them. Only watch it for Sienna Guillory.
One thing I forgot to add about the White Queen clearly Umbrella's AI technology had advanced to the point where the holographic representation of the White Queen made her look and sound human, how did Umbrella go from having an advanced AI that looks and sounds human and then go back to using the red hologram for the Red Queen maybe different Umbrella facilities had varying types of AI technology with some being more advanced and others less advanced either way going from the advanced appearance of the White Queen to the hologram for the Red Queen feels like a step backwards.

I suppose if Umbrella had maintained the advanced appearance of the White Queen for the Red Queen hologram anyone watching might have thought that she was the devil and maybe the producers and director wanted to avoid that comparison.

Had they kept the advanced appearance of the White Queen for the Red Queen hologram the Red Queen could have ended up looking like this
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Ghost Ship (2002)

Oh, come on... if you make a film about an italian ship, why don't you pay someone who is able to translate "Captain's Cabin" in a correct italian????
Even Google Translate knows the correct translation is "Cabina del Capitano".
What a cheap production!
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The NunII at the movies. It had its scary moments. We enjoyed it.
Pharaoh´s Tomb
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I remember liking the first Nun movie.

We've been really enjoying Reservation Dogs on Netflix.
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