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Default Tomb Raider - Soviet Underground Base

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a release of mine and CharlesKane, which I think is somewhat impressive considering it's built in the TR5 Engine:


*Sorry if the pictures are a little big*

It's a collab effort between me and CharlesKane, in order to make a good quality TRC level. Most levels in his engine are test levels, and people seem to be a bit disappointed at the amount. I can say a few things on that matter:
  • The engine is quite buggy, and unlike most other engines outside TR4, animations and objects can be difficult to shuffle through- for example, you can't just import a switch and have it work right away, the animations would be broken.
  • For Tomb Editor building, you have to make your own list of sound effects ( customize a TR5.xml ) to actually get sound effects working, which you could use TR4's SFX collection for a base, but you still have to manually choose from the TEN SFX directory for TR5 sounds, as there isn't an easily accessible TR5 SFX Folder with the names in the TR5.xml
  • Editing the script is the hardest from any of the 5 engines, including patches available- you generally can use the TRC Demo files for a TRC level, but for more ambitious projects you could use the original TR5, but that might carry a lot of issues to deal with. You have to use Scripter4 2.0 for editing the script, and you might not be able to a lot of the things you could do, say, in TR4, sadly. At least you can still name pickups, keys, puzzles and such, which is good.

It was a little painful getting TRC to properly build in Tomb Editor, but in the end I hope me and CharlesKane did our best and make a good TRC level that stands out from the rest in a positive way
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I played it from start to finish and it was a nice level !

I just did not understand what was the artefact !

I hope we’ll see more TR5 levels in the future !
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