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I agree, it's too short. For a game that Core didn't want to make, I've always found it weird how good it still turned out. I could never pour so much energy into a project I don't like
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Originally Posted by perryloo View Post
I love Chronicles, as it has individual short stories of the life of Lara Croft.
Each level is different and unique. I enjoy repeat playing of the game over the years.

The trle editor also came in handy as well for modders, like myself, so was well satisfied with the package
Chronicles is the only game in the original Tomb Raider series which I played through entirely twice, exactly for the reasons you mentioned.

Ah yes... OK I played through Tomb Raider II twice as well, but it's the only game in the series I played as a child/teenager, and replayed it as an adult when going through the entire original series in order. Despite Chronicles still being the last Tomb Raider game for which I did a full playthrough (I will continue in due time), I still felt like replaying it entirely earlier this year, just a few years after my first playthrough.
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I never had a problem with Chronicles' length. Even being a little more streamlined than the predecessors, the levels still felt deep, puzzle-y and often non-linear enough that it kept the essence of the classic games. A standard longplay (not a speedrun) would still take several hours.

Like another comment said, Legend is (much) shorter, and not only shorter, an actionised linear shooter for all intents and purposes.

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