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Originally Posted by Grizzly Bear View Post
This article points out something really interesting: a sequel without the origin story (that is so commonly used in movies) could be much better!
It's the problem with reboots: it's easier to make them with and show a complete fresh start, but so few are able to bring something new to the table, or focus too much on the origin, and that can make or break a movie. And this movie, as much as I like it, is way too much by the numbers origin story.

With that out of the way, they can go a bit more creative and more ambitious with their story telling, even if with a lower budget.

Still hoping for a sequel, but if in 2019 we don't hear about anything, I think it's safe to assume we unfortunately won't get anything.

But if we don't, I will do my own continuation and that's a promise!
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