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Default Real-time reverb on Windows

By default, Windows has real-time reverb capabilities, and you can select a preset in your speakers settings (the Environment option). If you have a Realtek audio card (which is pretty common nowadays I think, at least on laptops), these settings are even more easily accessible through the Realtek Audio Configuration panel.

Now the thing is I'm not happy with the presets. Mostly because they're all way too strong, you barely hear the dry audio.
I don't think it's possible to alter these presets.

So does anyone know a third party application, preferably free, that can do the same thing but offer customization?
Bonus point if you can save several presets.
Bonus point if you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch to another preset at anytime.

Maybe you have guessed, I want to play some classic/custom levels with a bit of reverb for more immersion.

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