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I didn't. It was quite obvious that he was trying to manipulate Lara to kill him.
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I killed him, because I thought I had to! On my next play through I will definitely leave him to burn
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Originally Posted by frankgberry View Post
I killed him, because I thought I had to!
Same! I only killed him because I thought it was another "on rails" section of the game, like a QTE. I thought I'd be barred from doing anything else until it was done lol.

The second time I played, I chose to walk away just to see what'd happen. Of course he dies anyway because that's one of those decisions that could affect the next game (ie continuity problems).

Would be interesting if they started incorporating choices in the next game that actually has an affect on the story... though at that point, it'd definitely start feeling more like an RPG than an Action/Adventure game. I didn't really care for it in AOD so I doubt I'd really like it in the new games. Was just one of those things I felt was too "tacked on" when the formula for TR was already very solid as it was.

That's just me though.
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I killed him because I thought it was required but it's cool they gave the player that little element of choice even if it's pointless really
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Can the title of this thread be renamed somehow? There are people who still haven't played the rise and this thread name is provoking...
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How come I didn't realise I had a choice?

I killed him both times.
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Yes I killed him. Did not give it a second thought.
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Wait, you could walk away from him? If I knew there was an option I wouldn't have killed him, since it made it clearly provoking to do so, he was only corrupted due to Ana so I felt some pity, I think the option is there to show she is not a heartless person who understood what corrupted him and showed him mercy unlike what Ana would have done.
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I let Lara kill him because I didn't want to differ him too much from the other arses in the game . I also thought that he might backstab Lara .
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Originally Posted by Alex Fly View Post
I decided to kill him, just to make sure he wouldn't come back later.
I thought the same thing after I walked away the first time round. We're not going to have another Natla on our hands right? Let Konstantin burn, instead of putting an arrow between his eyes, and somehow he appears in Shadow

Maybe Trinity will have him in a glass prison?
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