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Default Do we have a Core Design Staff list for TRAE?

We had Toby Gard on the Crystal Remake side, but I know a few Core members left after TR1, do we know how much of the old guard from Tomb Raider 1 came back for TRAE if any?

There doesn't seem to be a dev list and it seems at least a few TR1 members were still technically part of Core (Such as Gavin Rummery.) but were any of them involved in the development of Anniversary Edition? or was it more like an Fire Emblem: Echoes situation where it seemingly was post-TR1 Core developers entirely?
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It's really anybody's guess at this point. Core at the time of TRAE was basically in decline so if anyone had stayed until that point it probably wasn't for long.

Technically, there weren't that many TR1 devs left at Core after TR2. There were a few I think that stayed on like Gavin and Richard Morton, but they largely disbanded after that game because they were already getting tired of annual releases and Jeremy had to get a new team together just to get TR3 made. Look at the credits for both games sometime.
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