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Originally Posted by Tombcool View Post
Does anyone know if there is a New Game + for Village? Like playing a new game and carrying all the stuff I did in a completed save?
New Game+ is always a nice option to have; I loved blasting the enemies to death with all the overpowered weapons in a New Game+ for RE4. The fact that RE4 had a New Game+ probably means that other RE games have it as well.
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Finished RE8 the other night, just some thoughts:

- Infinitely more enjoyable than RE7 for me. Still not a first person fan, but I was able to look past it in this game for the most part.

- Plot was a bit sloppy, but the series has been going for 25 years so I'm not surprised its not a masterpiece. A lot of what was there was pretty good, minus the next note.

- The one area near the end.....dragged. on. for. TOO LONG! The enemies that were introduced there were also probably some of the worst in the series.

- Didn't know they got Bjork to do the end credits theme.....

- Kind of surpised(i.e. disappointed) this is the first game in the numbered series to not have
both a man and woman playable during the campaign. Honestly thought Elena was going to pop up later, alive, based on all the pictures they had of her during the initial game reveal.
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the game copied from a movie.

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They had to copy the design of the worst enemy in Village?
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Cause 2 people can't ever have the same idea
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