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Well you know there's an outstanding fan fiction of 900 pages in French called After the Storm and it's almost the idea you have but I'm not gonna spoil anything because it's a really great follow up to the 2013 reboot. So if there anyone who understand french he can contact me.
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Lara being the vessel would actually be very interesting Lots of routes they could take in the story.

Anyway, I assume Himiko chose Sam simply because she is full of herself as all evil queens are. She probably wanted someone she deemed worthy, and who is the best candidate if not your own descendent? You'd think a couple thousand years would teach her some humility, jeez.

Originally Posted by jackali View Post
I'm sure that all that preparation was a farce. A smokescreen.

Spend time making the new girl look and act like the queen, and when the queen eventually inhabits her body, no one will be any the wiser.

There's no need to think more deeply than that.
I can't believe I never realized that It always baffled me how Himiko would instruct her chosen priestess with the necessary skills to rule although she was the one that was going to be in her place anyway. I always assumed it was some sort of limitation of the ritual and that Himiko could potentially lose a bit of herself in the soul transfer process, so she made sure her replacement had the necessary knowledge in case she forgot something.

Instead, it is a political show. Nice, I really like that.
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Very nice observations, I had also noticed Lara's comparing herself to Hoshi. There's a number of things that could have been done with the plot, e.g:
1. Sam just being another one of the crew, and Lara being chosen from the outset as the vessel, having to avoid being kidnapped and eventually confronting Matthias and Himiko's corpse.
2. Sam being used as a second-best option by Matthias, which would lure Lara to the ritual (Maybe since Sam wouldn't have been picked she would die in the ritual, causing Lara to go ape****?)
3. Lara being revealed as the vessel only at the end, with Matthias having manipulated her to think it's Sam.
4. Sam being disposed of somehow halfway through, and Lara being chosen to replace her.
Any of those storylines could have played out in pretty interesting ways, and in a lot of them it would kind of be fitting to give Sam one of those "unimportant" deaths that actually feel so much more like a punch to the stomach, but CD would never do that
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lara should have had to kill sam in the end, so no, she should not have been the vessel.
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Personally, no I would not have liked that at all. Why? Lara is already our heroine saving the day and raiding tombs etc. etc. so giving her yet another peculiarity would just be a bit ridiculous. I never like it when the main character has 'everything'.

It would've reminded me of one of those kid series where they first talk about some very special powers and then the main character/the kid just happens to be the person who has that power but didn't know up till now. Lame
(not hating on your opinion of course)
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The grooming wasn't all a farce. Before when Himiko didn't need a bloodline, she would train all the priestesses to their highest potential in all aspects of life and being a woman. It was to help with her choice in the end.
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Originally Posted by JuditePrince12 View Post
It was to help with her choice in the end.
In what way? The only thing that truly matters is her bloodline.

Originally Posted by Maverin
I never like it when the main character has 'everything'.
I get what youíre saying, but itís not a super power. Being chosen is a curse.
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Personally I've always thought it would have been better to have Alex as the vessel.

Because it would have subverted our expectations completely.

He could have had some japenese parentage way back in his past that even he was unaware of. And through this be a direct ancestor and so of the bloodline of Himiko.

And him being male would be explained by the fact that myths aren't always accurate.

With Sam there is no twist. With Lara.... she's already the centre of everything in that game, to have her as the vessel would have been too much for me.

With Alex... mild mannered, not mega in your face, seemingly insignificant, we have a bit of a twist.....
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Interesting, and maybe could have worked well, but I think they did the right thing with Sam.
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What should have been more interesting was Himiko wasn't Himiko but Tsuzara the evil sister of Himiko who worship the moon and when Lara open the tomb in Yamatai it was really the tomb of Himiko the good queen. Then Himiko would have been transfered in her... wait that's also in the fan fiction
Something bout tombs makes me feel like a dangerous woman !
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