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Cool How to make a Broken Model Work in XPS

This Little Advice came from XNAaral, i just Expanded upon it

Lets say you Loaded an Older Model that doesent support the Latest XPS by XNAaral and it looks like this.


Well here is How to Fix It.

Open the Model with XNALara by Dusan and press F11, then go to your Model Folder and save it with any Name. Close XNALara.

Launch XPS by XNAaral and Load the Model with Modify - Load Generic_Item, then go find your Model in the XNALara Folder and Load the (Name).mesh.ascii file.

Now hit Modify – Flags, then change the Settings in the New Window to this.


Click Ok and Minimize XPS, then go make a New Folder in XPS and return to XPS

Press F11 and Save the Generic_Item in the Folder, then close XPS

Copy AutoTexture.exe Meshasciitobin.exe and ModPublisher.exe to the Folder, then drag the (Name)generic_item.mesh.ascii to autotexture.exe and meshasciitobin.exe

Double click on ModPublisher.exe to make a New Generic Folder with New Files, then Copy that Folder to another destination in XPS\Data.

Delete the Previous Folder and the Name of the Model you made in XNALara, then Load XPS with your Fixed Model.

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XNAaraL told me this is the right post, so sorry for mistake

My problem is when I try to import a mesh.ascii file into blender 2.49 , its gives me 3 errors (depends of the model)

first error:

I trie to solved following the tutorials, (some tutorial said "rescale the model to 100 for zero sized bones" other edit the note pad and put other bone and go to mesh and write, other export in xps program "mesh.ascii" and then use the new converter and the problem will be fixed) but dont work with my models, only is that error desappeared and appear that:

and other times:

Always with my custom models. I did this models in XPS and I used 4 differentes model (1-face, 2-hair, 3-torso, 4-legs). I think maybe the problem is a made wrong the attach... dunno, I only know is that in the notepad appears a loooot of unused bone, but in XPS no. Look:

7357 bones lol. In the model, in xps I only see the normal bones, tese 7000 are hidden but I guess they are giving me problems... bu I dont know how solved.

XNAaraL tried to help me and I thank you so much but doesnt work , I put the -1 in the 3º line and same problem... (it gives me first error with base 10 )
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Does anyone have tips for extracting models from games?
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Originally Posted by XNAaraL View Post
How to add a static or poseable hair to a poseabble character?

Read also this: Make a combination with to different sceleton -- Without Blender
Read also this: Add a weapon to another character.

Start XNALara XPS 10.8.5 and hit the File-->Add model(s) ...button to load the models.

Select he sims hair and your poseable model and hit the OK button.

Click on your poseable character and choose the Options-->Make Items optional menu item.

Select the hair part which you will replace.

Negate the dialog box question "Display optional item by default" with No

Now the hair from your poseable character are hidden. Select now the new hair model. In your case the static sims hair.

Choose the menu item "Options-->Add to .."

The wizzard popup a dialog "Attache to". Choose your poseable character.

The next dialog ask you "Select the bone to handle the object ...". Choose the matching bone. The right one for a hair part are "head neck upper". The right for a weapon are "arm right wrist" ...

The next steps are well known and descipt here: Test the workflow pipeline
Hit the F11 function key Selarch your XNALara folder. Hit the right mouse button and choose "create [/B]new--> folder[/B]"

Choose as name for the folder a name different to all models realesed by Dusan. Hint: model_by_YOURname

Enter this new empty folder.

Type Generic_Item as file name!

Use the "windows explorer" and search your new folder.

enter the folder and you find a file called Generic_Item.mesh.ascii Open this with GeMeshAsciiToBinV2 using right mouse button - open with -- GeMeshAsciiToBinV2.exe

Open the result file Generic_Item.mesh with ModPublisherV2

The result is a new folder with your whole MOD . Concrats your MOD is finish and ready for release.

Test it with XNALara XPS 10.3.6 -- File-->Add model(s) ...

The MOD is inside this subfolder.

Test the optional Items. Shortcut A You has now a model with sims hair.

You has now a model without hair.

You has now a model with original hair.

3 hair styles --- 1 model
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Hello. I have a question about adding a weapon I'm kinda new to this moding thing..or modding? Anyway on to my problem. I attach a sword to my model's hand then hit the Options > Add to... Select my model > choose the right wrist > click modify < this is where it has problem. The sword falls from the T posed model's hand and sits close to floor in a different direction. When moving the arm the sword follows the wrist as it should but it's "dropped" down about a meter. LOL. I can post Screenshots or whatever if it will help. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by XNAaraL View Post
Table with all Render-Groups 1 - 39

---> http://************************/t225-lession-9#1938
 xnalara DOT home-forum.com/t225-lession-9#1938

You MUST apply the texture images the exact order of the texture names.
Example for "Render Group" 3: First the Diffuse map. Then the Lightmap!

The latest render groups are 38/39.

Example render group 32/33:
1 # uv layers
1 # textures
0 # uv layer index

Example for a mesh part name:

1 == render group 1 with 6 textures Diffuse, Lightmap, Bumpmap, Mask, Bump1, Bump2 -- exactly in this order ! --
belts == a unique mesh part name
0.1 == Specular higlight value
10 == Bump map 1 repeater using a new texture which have 1o tiles horizontal and 10 tiles vertical
20 == Bump map 2 repeater.
The underscore is the field delimiter.

22 == render group 22 with 7 textures Diffuse, Lightmap, Bumpmap, Mask, Bump1, Bump2, Specular -- exactly in this order ! --
suit== a unique mesh part name
0.7 == Specular higlight value
20 == Reflection value !!! This is a special case for render groups 28 and 29 using the old Generic format. The new Generic_Item format 2.3 fix this problem.
1 == Bump map 1 and bump map 2 repeater!!! This is a special case for render groups 28 and 29 using the old Generic format. The new Generic_Item format 2.3 fix this problem.

Since XNALara/XPS 10.9.2 the deprecated - german language hinfällig oder veraltet render groups are again supported.
The background: XPS 10.9.1has break the "DirectX 9" limit of the maximum possible number of shader parameters (Never more a 59 bone limit).
Whoa, where did the render group table go?! I clicked on the link and its dead. Please post the table again.
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Lim1tD - Go here and click on the comments URL he put in.

When you eventually get to the page scroll down a bit for the table.
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Cool How to Export Transparent with Blender 2.49b

How to Export Transparent with Blender 2.49b and Into XPS
I got advice from Friends on How to make something Transparent, so i made a Tutorial.

Open Blender and Press Alt Z, then Delete the Cube.

For the Object: Open XPS and Load the .obj Model, then Press F11 and Save the generic_item.mesh.ascii in the Same Folder at XPS.

For the Poseable Model: Open XPS and Load the generic_item Model, then Press F11 and Save the generic_item.mesh.ascii in the Same Folder at XPS – Only IF the Model doesent have it already.

Back at Blender: Go to File - Import – ImportMeshAsciiExt and go to XPS/Data/Model Folder, then click on Generic_Item.mesh.ascii and Import it.

Now this Tutorial is for a Sphere we are going to make in Blender, but its the same for the Object or Model

01. The Sphere: Click on Add at the top and go to Mesh/UVSphere, then Click on it where a Window will come up. Press OK.

02. Press Front View (Don’t move the Poseable Model or the Object, but only Right Click the part you want to make Transparent) and Manoeuvre the Sphere to just above the Red Line, then make sure its in the Centre of the Green and Red Line when viewing it from the Top.

03. Press F5 (For the Sphere, Click on Add New) You will notice in the Material Panel are Three Columns below. The 4TH Column is A: Alpha, Click on it and type in (0.400)

04. Press V for Vertex Paint and Press F9 for Editing, then you will notice in the Paint Panel are Columns below.
Hit SetVCol and Press V again to go into Object Mode, then Press Tab to go into Edit Mode.

05. Right click just below the header above and click on Split Screen, then Left Click to keep that view. On the split screen, click on the small block below, then click on UV/Image Editor.

06. The Sphere: Press U and Click on Projects From View (Bounds) then this will bring the Model in the split window.

07. Next thing you have to do is Rename the mesh part and to be more exact, make a Render Group. In the Link and Materials Panel to the far left, Click in the Bar OB: then type in the Render Group Number with the Name of the Mesh Part and hit Enter. Heres a List of the Correct Render Groups with Alpha Channels for Transparency by Love2Raid: http://www.xnalara.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=334&p=47819

Find the Render Group with Bump - Diffuse - Lightmap that has a Yes to the Alpha Channel, then use that Render Group. (I used 8_Name of Object_0.1_0_0)

08. Press F5 (For the Sphere: Look to the far right in the Texture Panel, then Click on Add New and Click on the Map Input Tab. Click on the UV Button)Click on the Map To Button, then Click on the Alpha Button and Press CTRL T

09. Press F10 and look at the Format Column to the right, then Click on the jpg bar below and Click on PNG. Tick the RGBA button below and look to the left under the Render Panel, then Tick the Premul button below.

10. Press F9 and look for a button below called Set Smooth and Click on it, then look to the right in Mesh Tools for Rem Doubl. Click on the left arrow in the Limit Bar to make it 0 then hit the Rem Doubl Button. Press A and Tab. (For the Model and Object: Press A again to Disable the Pink)

11. Sphere Only: Click on Select – Select All By Type – Mesh, then Click on Object – Transform – Centre Cursor – Centre New.

12. Right Click on the line of the Split Screen and Click on Join Area with the Arrow facing the right way, then Click to Close the Split Screen.

13. Now go make a New Folder in XPS and return to Blender, then go to File - Export – MeshAsciiExt while going to the New Folder.

14. In the header at the top left of Blender, type in generic_item.mesh.ascii then press Enter three times and Close Blender.

15. Open XPS and Click on the Modify Tab in the Control Window, then Click on Load Generic_Item and go Open your generic_item.mesh.ascii Model. Don’t mind the Warning Messages, just Click OK on all of them.

16. Click on Save GenericItem in the Modify Tab, then Tick these Settings in the Box.
Save as Generic_Item mesh
Copy textures converted to .png
Make Generic Item
Save the Model in the New Folder

17. Close XPS and go to the New Model Folder, then Rename it and Delete the generic_item.mesh.ascii

18. Re-open XPS to look at your Transparent Model, then you can keep this Transparent Model and your Normal Model.

19. To give your Transparent Model a Different Color, Save an Image over it in the File.

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Hello, everyone. I need some help doing some mesh modding for GLLara. I added some new hair on a model and I'm having a hard time trying to save it as one full model. Is there any way I can solve this? Again, I am using GLLara (XNALara for Mac) and it can also help me with modding costumes, too.
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